Programm Konferenztag 1


Registration Bode-Museum, Foyer
available until 5:00 PM
Session 1 10:50
Culture in a Digital Society Gobelin-Room
10:50 15'
Introductory Keynote Culture in a Digital Society - The International Perspective
11:05 15'
Introductory Keynote Society in Change – Culture and Digitalisation from a Business Perspective
11:20 15'
Introductory Keynote Analogue Arts in a Digital Society
Raphael von Hoensbroech,
11:35 45'
12:20 70'
Lunch Break packet lunch will be provided
Session 2 13:30
Visual Worlds Gobelin-Room
Prof. Dr. Hippolyte N. Muyingi,
13:30 40'
Keynote Visualising the Content of a Text in a Virtual World
Quynh Ngoc Do Thi,
Parisa Kordjamshidi,
Oswaldo Ludwig,
Prof. Marie-Francine Moens,
14:10 25'
Digital Tools for Survey and Knowledge: an Investigation about the Ancient Cathedral and the Pionta Hill in Arezzo, Italy
15:00 30'
Coffee Break Bode-Museum, Gobelin-Room
Session 3 15:35
Pecha Kucha Gobelin-Room
15:30 10'
The GLAM-Hackathon: “Coding da Vinci”
15:40 10'
A Geometrical Approach Towards Augmented Space Coverage Management
15:50 10'
Information System of Interactive Visitor Guide in Modern Museums
Prof. Dr. Svetlana Antoshchuk,
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Brovkov,
16:00 10'
Tour de Kunsthalle - A Web-Based Adventure-Kit
16:10 10'
Visualising the Un-seen: Towards Critical Approaches and Strategies of Inclusion in Digital Cultural Heritage Interfaces
16:20 10'
The Virtual Exhibition “Oral History Ludwigsburg-Montbéliard”
Prof. Markus Hennies,
16:30 10'
The Experience of Going Back in Time through Augmented Reality and Archives
Francesca Guerrera,
16:40 10'
MAUERSCHAU: A Mobile Virtual Museum - Postmodern Storytelling through Digital Media
16:50 10'
Shut up and Take my Data – Risks and Benefits of Personalised Geo Data
17:15 60'
Guided Museum Tours for conference attendees Bode-Museum
Conference Dinner International Club of the Federal Foreign Office
Guided walks start approx. 6:15 PM at the Bode-Museum
Directions ICAA