Programm Konferenztag 2


Registration Foyer
10:10 10'
2nd Conference Day Opening
Session 4 10:15
Content & Search Gobelin-Room
10:15 40'
Keynote Scholarly Context Not Found - Reference Rot in Web-Based Scholarly Communication
10:55 25'
Enhancing Semantic Metadata with Curated Content for Multimedia Content Exploration
11:20 25'
Coffee Break Bode-Museum, Gobelin-Room
Session 5 11:45
Cross Media Technology Gobelin-Room
Prof. Dr. Uwe Grossmann,
11:45 25'
Algorithms of Power: Detecting Key Visuals of Heads of State on Screens
Prof. Dr. Peter Ludes,
Prof. Dr. Otthein Herzog, ,
12:10 25'
“KAISA” - Technology of Creation and Presentation of Integrated Encyclopedic Internet Resources on the Basis of Archival and Museum Collections
Petr Grinfeld,
Marina Grinfeld,
Tatyana Mersadykova,
12:35 25'
A Trial of Digital Preservation: the Meryemana Rupestrian Church in Göreme, Turkey
13:00 60'
Lunch Break packet lunch will be provided
Session 6 14:00
Audio & Cross Media Gobelin-Room
Prof. Dr. Christian Kassung,
14:00 25'
The Music of Machines - Investigating Culture and Technology in Musical Creativity
Dr. Florian Grote,
14:25 25'
Functional Sound Design and Acoustic Scenography
Jan Paul Herzer,
14:50 25'
Advances in Ludomusical Experience Profiling - Interindividual Differences in the Immersive Experience of Music in Video Games
Hans-Peter Gasselseder,
15:15 30'
Coffee Break Gobelin-Room
Session 7 15:45
Cross Media Applications Gobelin-Room
Prof. Dr. Albrecht Fortenbacher,
15:45 25'
The Interactive Drama to Go – Merging Classic Radio Play with Advanced Audio Technology and Mobile Gaming
16:10 25'
Bordercheck - The iBeacons-App at the Ethnological Museum Berlin
Katharina Kepplinger,
16:35 25'
One Size Fits all – How to Enhance Sophisticated Travel Information for Cross Media Use
Andrea Rohrberg,
Dorothea Herrmann,
17:00 10'
Conclusion Gobelin-Room