Programm Konferenztag 1


Registration Schloss Köpenick, Schlosscafé
available until 5:00 PM
Session 1 10:15
Augmented Reality & 360º Aurora-Room
10:15 40'
Keynote Exploring Social Augmentation Techniques for Training and Assistive Applications
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André,
10:55 20'
The Potential of Panorama Technologies for Cultural Applications
11:15 20'
Combining Virtual and Augmented Reality Approaches for a Project with the Konzerthaus Berlin
11:35 25'
Coffee Break Schlosscafé Köpenick
Session 2 12:00
Auralisation & Annotation Aurora-Room
12:00 20'
Auralization as Augmented Reality
Prof. Dr. Christian Kassung,
Sebastian Schwesinger,
12:20 20'
Annotating the world
12:40 20'
Staging the Holodeck – Photographic Imagery for Immersive Experiences in Virtual Environments
13:00 75'
Lunch Break Schlosscafé Köpenick
Session 3 14:15
AR Tools Aurora-Room
Prof. Dr.-Ing Johann Habakuk Israel,
14:15 20'
Three-Dimensional Modeling Interface for Augmented Realities
14:35 20'
A special eyesight to a lost past: Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and SketchFab to support the digital reconstruction of the St. Donato cathedral in Arezzo, Italy.
14:55 20'
Requirements and Solutions for Location‐based Augmented Reality Storytelling in an Outdoor Museum
15:15 30'
Coffee Break Schlosscafé Köpenick
Session 4 15:45
Pecha Kucha Aurora-Room
15:45 10'
Interactive Multimedia Solutions for the Learning Center of the May 18 Memorial in Gwangju, South Korea
15:55 10'
Designing a crowdsourcing platform for Rock-art and graffiti images
16:05 10'
Motion- and Speech-based Interactions for Virtual Reality Applications realized with Head-Mounted Displays
16:15 10'
A Usability Study of Indoor Micro Location-aware Interactive Guide Application in Museum: Case of Namibian Independance Museum
16:25 10'
Markerless augmented reality approach based on hand posture and gesture recognition
16:35 10'
Augmenting the future: The vision of industry 4.0 as a hands-on exhibit
17:00 60'
Guided Tours for conference attendees R1: Kunstgewerbemuseum or R2: Historic City Köpenick
Conference Dinner Schlosscafé Köpenick