Programm Konferenztag 2


Registration Schlosscafé Köpenick
10:00 5'
2nd Conference Day Opening
Session 5 10:05
Augmented Reality - Best Practice Examples Aurora-Room
10:05 40'
Keynote Augmented Reality in Cultural Context
Prof. Reinhold Behringer,
10:45 20'
Collaborating Robots in a Museum Environment: Modular Systems for 3D Documentation
11:05 20'
"Jurassic World" meets "Night in the Museum" – Augmented Reality for museums of natural history
11:25 25'
Coffee Break Schlosscafé Köpenick
Session 6 11:50
Augmented Reality Tools and User Interfaces Aurora-Room
11:50 20'
Ubiquitous Computing for knowledge transfer, exhibition design and museum operations – An interdisciplinary design research project.
12:10 20'
Virtual Reality as Design Space
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann Habakuk Israel,
12:30 20'
3D digital reassembling of archaeological ceramic pottery fragments based on their thickness profile
Michail I. Stamatopoulos,
Christos-Nikolaos Anagnostopoulos,
12:50 70'
Lunch Break Schlosscafé Köpenick
Session 7 14:00
Audio and Performance Aurora-Room
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Kassung,
14:00 20'
A proposal for the automatic generation of music due to automatically analyzed emotional contents in texts and images
14:20 20'
Polymetric Rhythmic "Feel" for a Cognitive Drum Computer
14:40 20'
The Augmented Performer and the Performative Augmentation: From Actualising Immersive Gameplay in the Concert Performance to Articulating Navigation in the User Interface
15:20 10'
Conclusion Aurora-Room