HardMut II

Official Name: Hardmut II – Hardware und Multimediatechnik zur Entwicklung eines mobilen Museums
Homepage: http://inka.htw-berlin.de/mobilesmuseum/
Project Duration: 01.11.2008 - 31.08.2012
Partner: Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Funding: EFRE
Contact: Jürgen Sieck

How can one bring mobility to a museum? Which contents are interesting for the today’s youth? Which part does technology play?
Aim of the project HardMUT II was to install and carry out a permanent and technological infrastructure on interdisciplinary research for mobile information systems at the HTW Berlin as well as the development of a mobile Jewish museum. Thereby innovative research approaches were connected with applied education of a museum.
By the application of innovative technology the mobile museum its interactive and communicative offers are especially aligned for the youthful/ young target audience.

Part of this are:

  • Multimedial presentation of museal artifacts and attractions as a referral service suitable for juveniles
  • Virtualization and visualization of non-transportable objects and topics
  • Developing mobile multimedia-presentations as well as interactive application and communication possibilities
  • Usage of media-didactic concepts for education on history, culture and living environment by using interactive and playful approaches
  • Development and construction of mobile exhibition-modules in the framework of a non-location-dependent functionality in addition and connection with the exhibits
  • Pre- and Postprocessing on an internet portal with modern Web-2.0 technologies and metaphors

Interactive use and digital cabinets of wonder create offers for juveniles and grown-ups around the topic of German-Jewish culture and living environment and by this helot to build acceptance, tolerance and integration. Contents are wrapped excitingly and will be presented in the jewish museum in an unusual way, multimedia applications invite young people to participate actively and become part of the exhibition. The mobile exhibition which was the result of HardMUT II is presented in the whole country since 2012.

Project page: http://inka.htw-berlin.de/mobilesmuseum/
Partner: Jewish Museum Berlin