Official Name: Poseidon – Positions- und kontextsensitive Informationssysteme für Museen zur Demonstration des Potentials der RFID-Technik
Homepage: http://inka.htw-berlin.de/poseidon/
Project Duration: 01.09.2008 - 31.08.2012
Funding: EFRE
Contact: Jürgen Sieck

Contents of the project Poseidon have been the exploration of the hitherto usage of RFID in public spaces, like museum, in the framework of exhibitions or in combination with touristic information systems.
Important fields of research within Poseidon were position and context aware information systems to inform, navigate and research visitors as well as for the interaction of the visitors with exhibits. It has been the project’s goal to develop a variety of RFID-based solutions which can demonstrate the capacity of this technology in museums and public institutions which are highly trafficked by visitors. Within the project a couple of applications have been build, for example a new audio guide children’s guide through the Jewish Museum Berlin, which is offered on an iPod touch 4 and works with an especially developed RFID-reading device. The children collect virtual tools, which will encourage playful interaction with the exhibits.
Partners of the project besides the HTW Berlin have been the Jewish Museum, the Humboldt University Berlin and the Companies Bitmanufaktur Berlin and Acousticgouide GmbH.